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Carter Roane Watson , 18 years old


Diagnosis -


22Q Deletion Syndrome (aka DiGeorge Syndrome) - CHD/Interrupted Aortic Arch, ASD, VSD, Bicuspid Aortic Valve, Asthma, Dental Deformities, Low Muscle Tone, VPI/Inner Ear Issues, Scoliosis, Digestive Issues, Cognitive/Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder
Hirschsprung’s Disease – Short Segment


Carter was diagnosed and was on life support at birth with Congenital Heart Disease. His heart was repaired at the University of Michigan, Mott Children’s Hospital, where following his heart surgery he was also diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s Disease. He underwent a pull thru surgery removing 18” of his large intestines. Carter’s Cardiologist suspected DiGeorge Syndrome, which was confirmed shortly thereafter through FISH genetic testing and thus began Carter’s medical journey. His medical issues were varied in type and degree due to the DiGeorge Syndrome and was complicated by the Hirschsprung’s Disease. The hundreds of life saving surgeries, procedures and treatments that followed for the next fifteen years would be overwhelming to any child or adult, and were for Carter as well. However, he faced it all being very brave and strong. He is a fun, sweet and thoughtful boy and has found a passion for music and animals the last few years. 


With the help of Synergy Charities, he has received weekly Equine Therapy and volunteered at Kiddy Up Therapeutic Ranch for over three years. The therapy he has received has helped in so many ways – not just with balance, memory and muscle tone…it’s also helped him create bonds with the horses, animals, other children and adults and has given him the self confidence to do things he never believed he could in the past.

Carter Roane Watson 

At 12 years old, Carter had 17 permanent teeth removed due to damage from ongoing medications, breathing treatments and DiGeorge Syndrome. Synergy Charities stepped up once again and paid the costs associated with making and inserting a permanent top denture.


Carter is so proud of his smile now and has more confidence since receiving his new teeth. 

Carter recently received a new guitar following a traumatic medical procedure and he’s looking forward to starting music and voice lessons. He hopes to be able to audition for a talent show like “The Voice”…and smiling BIG for his audiences!

He is thriving and continues to have BIG DREAMS because of the support of people and organizations like Synergy Charities, who believe he can achieve them.



Built a ramp at the home of a 12 year old girl, Valentina, with Cerebral Palsy.  Her mother, Maria, had to carry her up and down the stairs in order to come and go from the house.  She was growing up and it was becoming harder for her mom to carry her.  


Purchased 9 flat screen TV's and DVD players for the Complex Chronic Pediatric Center of St. Joseph's Children's Hospital of Tampa. These allow the children a welcome distraction while they go through treatments.


Purchased supportive shoes for a boy with Muscular Dystrophy.  


Monetary donation for 4 years to the Complex Chronic Pediatric Center of St. Joseph's Children's Hospital of Tampa's Holiday Party for the families with special needs children.  


Acquired and installed a shower seat for a 2 year old girl with multiple disabilities.  She isn't able to sit up on her own.  For this same family, we provided a crib and dresser for the child's nursery. 


Maintain relationships with volunteer groups that regularly go out to these families' homes and help with yard work and/or cleaning.  


Covered the cost of horse therapy for a boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder.





"It's tangible, right there, in Synergy's Facebook newsfeed.  The faces and stories of the families and children I am impacting are right there for me to see.  My donation is not being added to an "invisible" pool with others; it's right there, the impact I am making.

Colleen W., Donor


"Synergy gave us HOPE, Synergy cared for us as a family and not just my special needs child.  For that, I am forever grateful. "

D. Sidney, mother of a special needs child


"It is amazing to know that if a resource cannot be found for a child with special needs that Synergy Charities is here to help!  We thank them for everything they do every day!"


Deb K., Complex Chronic Pediatric Center St. Joseph's Children's Hospital of Tampa


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