Dec 08

Synergy Charities believes that we all have the power in ourselves to inspire, provide hope to, and make a difference in the lives of others.

Together, we will make a much larger impact and difference in the lives of those in need, than we ever could on our own.

Sep 09


DID YOU REALIZE HOW LUCKY YOU WERE THIS MORNING WHEN YOU TOOK A RELAXING HOT SHOWER?  Taking a shower is a much harder task for a chronically ill or physically challenged child.  The cost of a shower stall, including parts and labor, is approximately $5,500.  This cost isn’t always covered by insurance, forcing families to either pay out of the pocket or else not have an adequate shower for their child. 

Insurance only pays for a new wheelchair every 7-10 years, but kids grow at a fast pace and often outgrow their chair before insurance will buy another one.  IMAGINE HAVING TO SIT ALL DAY IN A CHAIR THAT IS TOO SMALL FOR YOU.  We can go to the furniture store to buy a more comfortable office or home chair, but these children do not have that luxury.  This is why we need to help.  They deserve to be comfortable too.  Wheelchair costs range from $2,000 – $10,000 each.

Other needs include wheelchair lifts for their families’ cars, wheelchair accessible vans and wheelchair accessible updates to their homes.  All of this is very costly to these families. 

Caring for a chronically ill or physically challenged child can be overwhelming and requires families to adjust and reassess many aspects of their lives.  These children deserve the best quality of life possible, and with YOUR help, we can help these wonderful children.